Comatose Dreamer (comatosedreamer) wrote in sinsdyingworld,
Comatose Dreamer

The Earth Stood Still

Sins of a Dying World

Wiping sweat from her face, Andera stood looking out over the sunset. She was tired from the long hike up the stairs - the elevators hadn't worked in years. Now, on the roof of a skyscraper, she looked down on the remnants of what had once been a sprawling city.

Her hand drifted idly to the small horns on her head, running her fingertips over them. Her eyes darted across the ground far below where fights still raged over what few resources the city had to offer. Explosions rang out from far across the city, followed by a thunderous rumble as a distant skyscraper's final support was destroyed.

A noise behind her drew her attention from the action below. A spider robot had scaled the building and was scrambling towards her. With a quick tuck and roll, she dodged out of the way and drew a sidearm from her boot. Spinning around to face the metal creature, she spun the dial on the side of her weapon with her thumb. The weapon hummed with energy as she frantically tracked her adversary and fired. A single red beam lanced out and pierced the shell of the spider bot, cleanly cutting through the circuits inside.

The threat averted, she stood and strode over to the smoking remains. A swift kick sent it over the edge, plummeting to the asphalt far below. Her eyes drifted to the sick sky above, as she recalled the words of the Book of Memories.

We built machines of war to destroy each other, and now they seek to destroy humanity.
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