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Comatose Dreamer

The Earth Stood Still 2

Sins of a Dying World

Andera jolted back to reality. Where there was one spider bot, there were usually more, and she was little more than a sitting duck to any airborne adversaries. Glancing nervously in the direction of the distant cloud city of Eden, she crept across the rooftop and perched precariously on the edge. An updraft caught her leathery wings and she leapt into the yawning abyss.

The wind whistled around her as she barely managed to slow her rapid descent, angling herself towards another nearby building. Her wings weren't strong enough to fly, but they were able to slow her fall and allow her to glide if the draft was good. Pulling herself into a ball at the last minute she crashed through a glass window a dozen floors below her starting point.

Waiting for her stinging cuts to subside, Andera lay there on the ground for a minute listening for signs of movement. Relieved at the silence, she stood up and dusted herself off. Aside from her recent impromptu entry, it seemed like no one had disturbed this place for months or more. A choking layer of dust covered every inch of the floor, a thick fog of it thrown into the air by her landing. Coughing quietly, she confidently strode towards the exit, following the unlit exit signs.

Stop. Between her footsteps, she heard a sound. A quiet, padding noise, like soft leathery shoes sneaking across the floor. She swore to herself and pulled out her pistol, adjusting the dial again.

She hated aliens.

Peering around each corner she came across, she crept towards where she'd heard the sound. She heard it again, closer this time. Then she heard the hum. A faint high-pitched whine that would have been inaudible to most people. She flinched, wishing she could plug her ears somehow, but it would do her no good. Listening intently to the humming, she adjusted the dial on her pistol a couple notches to the left.

The piercing whine grew louder and the footsteps came closer. The alien's heavy feet made leathery flopping sounds as they padded across the floor looking for her. She listened to the way the sound bounced off the walls, trying to position her enemy in her mind. She waited for the footstep that would put him right where she wanted.

There it was.

She spun around the corner and fired straight down the hallway with her pistol. A green lance of light lit up the dark corridor, but stopped just short of the dark skinned alien at the end. A globe of light expanded around the figure, almost blindingly bright as the force field absorbed her shot harmlessly. A look of panic crossed Andera's face as she turned and sprinted towards the exit.

She'd misdialed.

The leathery footsteps flapped behind her and the humming changed pitches rapidly. The cacophony was giving her a headache - it rose, fell, and jumped between frequencies without pattern. She'd never outrun him on foot, she had to jump again. Her wings weren't fully healed yet, but she had to risk it.

Turning a corner, she ran straight for a window and jumped out of it. This time there was no updraft, no time to plan for a good moment. She stretched her wings as wide as she could and hoped that she'd make it.

The wind shrieked by as she began falling. Her wings struggled to control her descent, to carry her across the street to the next building. The ground rushed towards her, every second faster than the last. Fear gripped her throat as air fled her lungs and she fought to take a breath. Time seemed to stand still as the last few stories of safety slipped away.

She plunged through a large glass window only a couple floors above street level. Shards of glass tore through her wings as she tumbled painfully across the floor, colliding with the door on the far side of the room.

Her whole body hurt. Her wings were badly torn, they'd take at least a day to heal, and she was pretty sure she'd broken a few bones that time. She lay on the ground, keeping her breathing as quiet as possible. She would wait until dark this time.

We called out into the darkness, seeking dwellers in the void, and they came to destroy humanity.
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